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Is it normal for my tooth to hurt after a filling?

If you have a tooth cavity, your Royal Oak dentist treats the issue to restore your tooth to health. This requires a dental visit, diagnosis, and the actual filling.

In most cases, you will not know you have a dental cavity. Typically, they start small and can be located between teeth or close to the gumline. As the cavity grows, you may notice a brown spot on the tooth or tooth pain and sensitivity.

The best ways to avoid tooth cavities and the pain of decay are to brush and floss regularly and visit your dentist on time for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. It’s also helpful to avoid foods and snacks that are acidic or contain a lot of sugar.

If you are diagnosed with a cavity, your dentist numbs your gum in that area and clears away the decay gently. Afterward, we fill and seal it with a tooth-colored filling.

It is normal to feel mild soreness or discomfort for a day or two following dental treatment, but this is typically mild and easily treated with Ibuprofen or a similar store-bought pain reliever. However, if you experience severe pain and swelling, we want you to contact our dental office as soon as possible.

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Tooth decay will only worsen without intervention, so contact us to schedule your next exam.  

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