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Dull, yellow-colored teeth can make even a healthy smile look unattractive and cause anyone to feel self-conscious. If you’re bothered by the color of your teeth, your dentist in Royal Oak may be able to help. Professional teeth whitening is a fast and affordable way to give your smile a fantastic boost, eliminating yellow and brown tooth stains.

Our dental office offers two customized solutions for whitening teeth that are yellow or otherwise discolored. If you’d like your teeth to be whitened quickly here in our Royal Oak dental office, we can offer Sapphire Light in-office teeth whitening. If you’d like to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, we also provide a professional at-home teeth-whitening system called Nite White, which we’ve found to be highly effective for our patients near Royal Oak, MI.

Schedule a tooth whitening exam with Dr. Chalasani so that you can discuss the benefits of each system and determine which teeth whitening option is the best fit for your smile.

Also, continue reading if you would like to learn more about teeth whitening in Royal Oak, MI.

What is professional teeth whitening in Royal Oak, MI?

Professional teeth whitening is a way to lift stubborn stains from your tooth enamel professionally. Your cosmetic dentist relies on prescription-strength treatments to provide the best results possible. Professional teeth whitening in Royal Oak is the ideal complement to see you through a wedding, family photo, or other important events.

Professional teeth whitening is not the same as over-the-counter teeth whitening systems. And it is always recommended that you consult a dental professional or whiten your smile under the discretion of a dentist.

What causes stained teeth?

Stained and discolored teeth are almost an inevitable part of the aging process. As we get older, the enamel on our teeth becomes worn, and the dentin beneath shows through. Our teeth also tend to show the toll of years of consuming foods and drinks that leave stains such as coffee, tea, red wine, and curry.

Certain medications may also contribute to tooth discoloration.

Many people who come to our dental office for professional teeth whitening have just quit smoking and are ready for a fresh start. Others have a special event coming up (such as a wedding or even a job interview) and would like to spruce up their smile. Whatever your reasons, your dentist in Royal Oak, MI can help you have an attractive, healthy-looking smile that you can be proud to show the world.

How does in-office professional teeth whitening in 48220 work?

Using the Sapphire Light, we can get your teeth as many as seven to twelve shades whiter in just one hour! During your treatment, the peroxide product will be applied to your teeth and then cured using the specialized light.

Sapphire Light teeth whitening is safe for just about anyone; plus, it contains an extra ingredient to prevent sensitivity. We apply the product and monitor your progress to ensure the best results.

Our cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak, MI chose this system because it provides the white smile patients are looking for, but it also helps prevent tooth sensitivity.

How do take-home teeth whitening kits work?

We like Nite White at-home whitening for our patients who would like to whiten their teeth at home. We provide a set of customized trays made from an impression of your teeth, the gel that goes into these trays, and your instructions. All you have to do is wear the trays while you sleep, and soon you’ll have a smile you can be proud of.

If you have any concerns while you are whitening your teeth, our office is just a phone call away, and we are happy to answer questions, discuss your progress, or see you in our office to make sure things are going well.

After your recommended regimen is complete, you’ll return to our office, where we’ll check your results and help you decide the next step. Perhaps you’re considering another cosmetic therapy to complement your whiter smile, for example. We’ll also discuss options for maintenance and occasional touch-ups so that you can easily keep your results for as long as possible.

Do store-bought products work?

Young couple smiling & hugging l Dentist 48220Teeth whitening products purchased at your local drug store can be somewhat effective. But they will never match the results achieved with professional teeth whitening in Royal Oak, MI.

The primary difference between professional teeth whitening and store-bought products is the strength of the whitener used. Since we specialize in the teeth whitening process, we can prescribe a much higher concentration of peroxide than can be safely used at home.

Another significant advantage of professional teeth whitening is the fit of the whitening tray. When you purchase an over-the-counter kit, you receive a generic plastic tray. Much like a mouthguard, you need to boil the tray, and then bite down on it so that it fits over your teeth.

A professional take-home whitening kit includes a tray that is completely customized to fit your teeth. We take impressions of your teeth to create a tray that closely conforms to the contours of your smile. Since the whitening gel can reach all surfaces of your teeth, you will achieve even, consistent results.

Additionally, the ingredients in store-bought kits can be abrasive and harmful to your tooth’s enamel. And when you whiten your teeth without the supervision of a dental professional, you risk tooth sensitivity and the possibility of erosion. A cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak considers the health of your smile and the state of your restorations before approving you for professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that can truly transform your smile and make it sparkle. Next time you come in for a cleaning, we encourage you to talk to our hygienist about the benefits of teeth whitening.

Can I combine my teeth whitening with other cosmetic choices?

If you’re considering comprehensive cosmetic dentistry, our cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak can help you plan the outcome based on your smile goals. And a professional teeth whitening can be an essential part of a full smile makeover.

Some patients choose to whiten their smile following Invisalign therapy, for example—a straight, white smile! Other patients may opt for a professional teeth whitening treatment prior to restorations. This approach allows you to choose a whiter shade when restoring your smile.

It’s important to remember that professional teeth whitening will not lighten fillings or other restorations like dental crowns. Your cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak considers this when helping you plan your dream smile.

Your dentist in Royal Oak also makes sure your oral health is in the best shape for successful cosmetic dentistry.

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