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Will anyone be able to tell that I have a crown or a bridge?

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We customize your tooth crown or dental bridge in Royal Oak, MI, to complement your natural teeth. The restoration or prosthetic will be shaped and colored to blend seamlessly.

With the new materials available for creating crowns and bridges, it's highly unlikely that anyone will even know you've had dental work.

Unlike crowns and bridges made from metal or ceramic-fused-to-metal, all-ceramic crowns and dental bridges look realistic and blend in well with your natural teeth.

What Are Tooth Crowns and Dental Bridges? 

A dental crown conceals tooth flaws, strengthens a weak tooth, and is used in tooth replacement (capping a dental implant or anchoring a dental bridge).

A dental bridge is a restoring tooth or teeth secured to natural teeth with dental crowns. 

If you have a weak tooth or missing teeth, crowns and bridges are an excellent solution. And your Royal Oak dentist will let you know whether these restorations and prosthetics will work for your smile. Additionally, we provide all aftercare instructions and are happy to answer your questions. 

Looking for a Bridge or Dental Crown in Royal Oak?

To learn more about tooth replacement and restorations, give us a call today to arrange a consultation with the dentist. 

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