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What's the difference between resin fillings and metal fillings?

image of teeth with metal and resin filling | royal oak miPatients prefer our tooth-colored fillings in Royal Oak, MI, because they are aesthetically pleasing and offer unique benefits.

Although they cost a little extra, resin fillings (or tooth-colored fillings) have several advantages over metal fillings. 

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, tooth-colored fillings offer the following benefits:

  • They are the same color as your tooth, so nobody can tell you have fillings.
  • They bond to your tooth from the inside, actually making it stronger.
  • They don't expand and contract like metal fillings can.
  • They don't contain any mercury.

Of course, the American Dental Association has deemed the mercury in silver fillings safe. However, many patients feel more at ease with a mercury-free restoration. As a result, some patients opt to remove their silver fillings and replace them with our tooth-colored option. 

In addition to filling cavities, composite resin fillings can conceal various tooth flaws affordably, including tooth discoloration, chips, small gaps between teeth, and minor shape issues. 

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