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What should I do if I knocked out my tooth?

A knocked-out tooth is a stressful situation, not to mention an actual tooth emergency that requires immediate attention. Dr. Chalasani and her team have the best chance of saving your tooth when you act quickly if your tooth is dislodged.

First, call our Royal Oak dental office right away at (248) 399-8100 and follow the emergency instructions if it is after hours.

Next, prepare to transport your tooth carefully. Handle it as little as possible, and try to replace it back into its socket if you can. If that's not possible, use milk or saliva to keep the roots of your tooth moist while you transport it to your emergency dentist in Royal Oak.

If we can see you within one hour of your emergency, Dr. Chalasani may be able to preserve your tooth. She will always discuss and review necessary treatment procedures with you and outline any options you may have.

If we cannot save your tooth, Dr. Chalasani will discuss tooth replacement options with you so you can select the best treatment for your smile.

If you have a dental emergency like a knocked-out tooth, don't wait to contact your trusted Royal Oak emergency dentist for prompt and gentle care.

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