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Will my insurance cover my procedure?

Your Royal Oak, MI, dentist, wants to help you get the treatment you need, which is why we work with insurance companies and navigate the language of your policy to help you make the most of your yearly dental benefits.

Whether or not your insurance covers a specific procedure largely depends on the procedure and your insurance plan. You can call your insurance directly to get specific details on what is covered and what is not. If you need assistance with this, we are always happy to help and work with your insurance company to maximize your benefits. Do not hesitate to direct any questions, comments, or concerns to your Royal Oak, MI, dental office.

We should mention that, as a rule, insurance does not typically cover cosmetic dentistry. However, there may be benefits for cosmetic dentistry pretreatments, including extractions before Invisalign or similar undertakings, that qualify. 

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Do you have questions about your dental insurance? Have there been changes to your coverage? We encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly dental team to discuss insurance benefits and treatment options today.

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