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What happens during a root canal procedure?

Royal Oak Dentist | What Happens During Root Canal Each of your teeth contains a soft inner part called the pulp. The pulp contains nerve tissue and blood vessels. Stimulation of the pulp is what causes you to feel sensation in the tooth such as pressure, heat and cold.

A root canal is the process of removing the infected pulp and affected nerve tissue from the inside of the tooth.

The process of having a root canal done on your tooth starts with a thorough examination by your dentist. Only a dentist or endodontist can determine the need for a root canal.

Before your procedure, Dr. Chalasani will numb the area around the affected tooth with a local anesthetic. When you are completely comfortable, the pulp material is removed from the tooth using the latest endodontic methods. The tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and all traces of disease will be eradicated.

Your tooth’s cavity is then filled with a special rubber-like dental material, and the tooth is finished with a lifelike-looking crown. Your restored tooth will blend in perfectly with the rest of your natural teeth. The root canal procedure will also make your tooth strong and functional again. In many cases, root canal therapy can prevent the spread of infection and could even help prevent tooth loss.

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