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What gum disease treatment options are available to me?

Gum Disease Treatment | Royal Oak MI At Royal Oak Family Dentistry, our mission is to stop gum disease before it starts; therefore, we place emphasis on preventative care measures. If you do develop periodontitis, we are equipped with the latest treatment methods to restore you to health.

To determine what form of gum disease treatment is right for you, Dr. Chalasani will evaluate the condition of your gums and make a thoughtful recommendation. The necessary treatment approach often depends on what stage of advancement the disease has progressed to.

The earliest form of gum disease is known as gingivitis. You may be able to eradicated gingivitis and reverse its effects through simply intensifying your daily oral care routine. Dr. Chalasani will be able to offer you recommendations on how to improve your daily care.

In more advanced cases, a deep cleaning treatment may be necessary. This deep cleaning process is called scaling and root planing. During scaling, Dr. Chalasani scrapes away harmful plaque from below the surface of your gums – where an ordinary tooth brush can’t reach. Root planing refers to the process of scraping away the rough surfaces on the tooth’s roots where bacteria can collect and infect.

Dr. Chalasani may also recommend the use of antimicrobial medication in order to manage the disease.

The most advanced cases of gum disease may require surgical methods.

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