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Can you get your teeth whitened if you have cavities?

Tooth staining is among the most common complaints people in Royal Oak, MI, have about their smiles. If you have a smile that has been dulled by yellowing teeth, teeth whitening may be the right choice for you. This treatment works by applying whitening agents to your front-facing tooth surfaces. However, one concern people have about teeth whitening concerns safety. Therefore, the first step in determining if you’re a good candidate for whitening is to establish your current oral health status.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the common active ingredients in many teeth whitening treatments. These compounds are safe for the outsides of your teeth because your tooth enamel is extremely hard. But if you have a cavity, which is a hole in your tooth enamel, the whitening agents may penetrate your enamel into your dentin, irritating.

This is one of the reasons to choose professional teeth whitening at Family Dentistry of Royal Oak. We can thoroughly examine your teeth before treatment, and if you have any cavities, we can fill them first. We aim to ensure you receive the most effective whitening results without compromising safety.

Here are a few other ways we help you make your whitening treatments better:

  • A professional teeth cleaning prepares your teeth, removing debris that might block whitening.
  • Our whitening agents are at prescription strength, offering the best possible results.
  • We monitor your teeth during treatment to ensure no problems arise.

If you want a whiter smile but worry that your existing oral health may need help, we encourage you to call our office to learn more about professional teeth whitening options.

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