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What should I do if I chip my tooth?

A chipped tooth can detract from your smile and make you uneasy. Additionally, a chipped tooth can leave you vulnerable to an oral infection, tooth pain, and more. Your dentist in Royal Oak, MI recommends treatment to protect your oral health and your chipped tooth.

A small chip is easily treatable through dental bonding. This treatment means your dentist uses tooth-colored resin to conceal the chip and protect your tooth.

If a chip is more significant, we may instead suggest a dental crown or veneer.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped ceramic helmet that fits over a prepared tooth and customized to look like your natural teeth. The crown cushions the compromised tooth against biting forces and keeps it safe from further damage or fracture.

A veneer is a ceramic shell that goes over the front of your tooth. It conceals your tooth flaw and can even hide other issues like a short or discolored tooth.

When to Contact Your Emergency Dentist in Royal Oak, MI

If you notice a small chip in your tooth that is not causing pain, it is probably not an emergency, and you don't need a rushed appointment with our dentist. However, if the chip is significant and causing you pain, we want to hear from you as soon as possible.

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