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Are there health risks associated with gum disease?

health risks associated with gum disease

Yes. Gum disease is a chronic infection that can negatively affect both your oral health and your overall health.

Advanced gum disease ravages the tissues around the teeth, and also contributes to dental bone loss. This damage to the surrounding tissue and bone can directly lead to tooth loss. In fact, periodontitis is a leading cause of tooth loss.

Related dental bone loss can be detrimental to your health. Loss of bone can make it difficult for you to receive necessary dental procedures. It can even alter the shape of your face – making you appear older and contributing to the appearance of wrinkles.

Recent studies have also shown a link between periodontitis and potentially life-threatening illnesses. A two-way link has been discovered between gum disease and diabetes – diabetes sufferers may have weakened immune systems and thus be more susceptible to infections like gum disease; on the other hand, an infection like gum disease may cause blood glucose levels to fluctuate and contribute to diabetes.

Studies have also suggested a link between periodontitis and conditions like pancreatic cancer and heart disease.

To reduce your risk of developing serious overall health conditions related to gum disease, visit Dr. Chalasani to learn more about treatment options.

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