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Solutions for Broken, Damaged, or Missing Teeth

October 6, 2019
Posted By: Family Dentistry of Royal Oak
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When you have decayed, broken, or missing teeth, you can’t live your best life. You feel so self-conscious about your Older couple hugging and smiling l Dental crowns Royal Oak Michigansmile that you hide your teeth, or you’ve stopped smiling altogether. Your lack of self-confidence affects interactions with others who may see you as being unfriendly or unsociable. You want to follow a healthy diet, but it hurts too much to chew healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.  

You don’t have to live with all these problems. Dental restorations like crowns and bridges in Royal Oak, MI can fix broken, decayed, or missing teeth. The result is a healthy, attractive smile that functions well.

Dental Crowns in Royal Oak

We often talk about dental crowns and bridges together because they’re both commonly used dental restorations. However, while both will save you smile, they go about it differently:

Crowns Fix Broken, Worn, and Decayed Teeth

Sometimes a tooth is too damaged or compromised for a filling to provide the strength and protection it needs. In this case, your dentist would recommend dental crowns in Royal Oak. Since a crown encases the broken tooth, it protects it from further damage and adds strength so you can chew comfortably again.

Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

Losing even one tooth can have a significant impact on the way you feel about yourself. You need to replace missing teeth as soon as possible for replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible is critical for several reasons. Most importantly, you’ll be able to chew comfortably and speak clearly again, so you’ll feel more confident. And since dental bridges in Royal Oak, MI fill the gap in your smile, neighboring teeth won’t start to drift into the open space and cause tooth misalignment.

Is a Dental Crown or Bridge Right for You?

At Family Dentistry of Royal Oak, your dentist in 48073 designs and creates dental crowns and bridges to restore damaged smiles. You deserve to enjoy your life without the embarrassment or discomfort of broken and missing teeth. Please call us at (248) 399-8100 to schedule an appointment to learn more.

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