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Can You Get Dental Implants if Your Gums Are Infected?

December 30, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Suchi Chalasani
Getting dental implants if gums are infected | Royal Oak, MI

If you have advanced gum disease, getting dental implants may be difficult or impossible. However, if you’re in the gingivitis stage, meaning infections have not reached the bone, you may be a candidate for implants after gingivitis treatment.

However, to be sure, it’s important to see your dentist in Royal Oak, MI, for a consultation.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a staged condition. In early disease (gingivitis), you have infections and inflammation in the soft tissue, which your dentist can eradicate. In advanced disease, when the infections and inflammation have reached the bone, we can treat it and improve your oral health. However, we cannot get rid of it entirely.

Gum disease means bone loss and potential tooth loss. You need healthy bone for dental implant placement. And gum disease can also affect your whole-body health, impacting several systems like the heart and lungs.  

How Dental Implants Work

For dental implants in Royal Oak, MI, your dentist must surgically implant tooth root replacements into the jawbone. Then, the implants integrate over the next few months and are ready for their new teeth or a prosthetic like a denture or bridge.

Dental implant success depends on healthy bone.tooth replacement in Royal Oak, MI

However, it’s always best to let your Royal Oak dentist determine your candidacy for implants through an exam consultation in our dental office. We can take x-rays and measure the integrity of your jawbone for potential implants or other tooth replacement options.

Sometimes, a bone graft may help make you a candidate for dental implants.  

Looking for Dental Implants Near Me?

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