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What to Expect at a Cosmetic Consultation

May 16, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Suchi Chalasani
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For whatever reason, you are unhappy with your smile. Perhaps you have wondered if cosmetic dentistry would take your smile from dismal to dazzling, but you just weren’t sure what you could expect. At your cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak, we take great pride in giving our patients the smiles they should have been born with. We encourage you to give us a call and make an appointment for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Let’s talk about what cosmetic dental procedures might be best for you.

If you decide to make an appointment for a cosmetic consultation, you might be wondering what to expect. Let’s take a look at what might happen and what we might discuss during your consultation.

What to Expect at a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation Appointment

When you come into our office, we will go over your history and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your mouth. Some of the items we will include in our examination are as follows:

  • Observe the degree of tooth staining and/or discoloration
  • Identify gaps in between teeth
  • See how your teeth look when you are smiling, laughing, speaking, and relaxing
  • Identify the locations of any missing teeth
  • Check for the presence of unattractive silver fillings
  • Note the size, shape, and proportion of your front teeth

We will also note the curvature of your lips and whether your teeth are aligned symmetrically with your face’s midline. In addition, we will likely use x-rays and other imaging techniques to ensure you have obtained accurate measurements of your mouth.

Our Royal Oak MI Dental Office Wants to Help!

After we have completed the assessment, we will ask you about your goals for your smile, such as how you would like it to look and what specific improvements you would like to have done. We will ask whether you are happy with the straightness of your teeth and the amount of gums that appear when you smile. All of this will help us to make a personalized plan designed to give you a smile you cannot wait to show the world.

Get in touch with us today for an initial consultation and thorough assessment of your cosmetic dentistry needs. Call your cosmetic dentist in Royal Oak for a consultation!

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