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The Dangers of Postponing a Root Canal

October 7, 2019
Posted By: Family Dentistry of Royal Oak
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It’s been a while since your last dental appointment, but you’re not concerned—you try to brush and floss every day, and your teeth don’t hurt. But the next time you visit your dentist in Royal Oak, they recommend a root canal because your tooth is infected. 

But you’re pretty busy at this time of year, so you figure you’ll put the procedure off until your schedule opens up. 

Postponing a Root Canal Is a Bad Idea

When your Royal Oak, MI dentist recommends a root canal, it means that your tooth is infected to the extent that you’re in danger of losing it. You may or may not be in pain currently, but without root canal therapy to remove the infection, you will probably develop an excruciating toothache. You need to seek immediate treatment for an infected tooth because:

  • Your tooth is dying, and removing the infection prevents it from spreading and saves the structure of the tooth.
  • Infections don’t disappear on their own. The pain may subside briefly, but the root canal infection will not go away without treatment, and the pain will eventually return.
  • An untreated root canal infection can also put other teeth at risk. And your head is a terrible place to have an infection because it can spread to your jawbone, sinuses, and brain without treatment.
  • In many cases, a root canal saves a tooth from extraction. Without immediate treatment, you are at significant risk for losing the tooth, and keeping teeth intact for as long as possible is best for you and your long-term oral health. 

We Offer Stress-Free Root Canals

If you avoid root canal treatment because you’ve heard they’re uncomfortable, you should know that a lot has changed about modern dentistry. Leading-edge techniques and technology combined with the kind support of a caring dental team, make a root canal in Royal Oak more comfortable and stress-free than ever before. 

Please don’t put your oral health and general well-being at risk by postponing treatment, especially if you are currently in pain. Call us right away, and we will get you on our schedule as soon as possible to remove the infection and eliminate your pain.

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