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What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

October 9, 2022
Posted By: Family Dentistry of Royal Oak
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If you've ever had unbearable pain in your tooth that won't leave you alone, you understand what it's like to have a toothache. Believe it or not, toothaches are the most common dental emergency plaguing patients. 

Here's what you need to do if you're experiencing a toothache or dental pain.

Toothaches 101

If you have a constant toothache that distracts you from your normal daily activities, it could indicate a tooth infection. Please don't wait to see your dentist thinking that a tooth infection will go away on its own because that is not the case. An untreated tooth infection worsens and could even result in tooth loss.

The best thing to do is to contact your "emergency dentist near me" in Royal Oak as soon as possible. Dr. Chalasani and her team leave time available in their daily schedule to help get emergency patients feeling better and back on the path to wellness. We're happy to assess your situation over the phone and determine if you need immediate attention.

Treatment for Toothaches

Root canal treatment will provide immediate relief and preserve your natural tooth structure if you have an infected tooth. During this procedure, Dr. Chalasani gently removes the infected tissue from your tooth and carefully seals it with a temporary filling, so it has time to heal. After you complete the healing process, you'll return to Family Dentistry of Royal Oak to have Dr. Chalasani rebuild your tooth with a dental crown or permanent filling so you can enjoy all the functions you had before your infection.

Contact Family Dentistry of Royal Oak

If you or a loved one is experiencing dental pain, your Royal Oak family dentist is here for you! Even if it's your first visit to our dental office, don't wait to call us at (248) 399-8100 for prompt emergency dental care.

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