Invisalign in Royal Oak, MI

invisalign royal oak miWe’ve spoken with many patients who are looking for a way to correct their misaligned teeth and improve the appearance and health of their smiles. One thing that most of these people have in common is that they do not want to deal with the hassle of traditional braces!

Dr. Chalasani is proud to offer Invisalign to our patients so that they can smile with confidence – even while they are in the middle of their orthodontic treatment!

What Makes Invisalign Different?

Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments that use metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses clear aligners to gently and comfortably nudge your teeth into proper alignment. Each aligner is made of thin, translucent plastic, and when it’s in place over your teeth, most people will never even be able to see it. This makes Invisalign a fantastic option for anyone who regularly meets with clients or speaks in front of people and needs to maintain a mature and professional appearance.

Invisalign has a number of other advantages over traditional orthodontics, as well. For instance:

  • You remove your aligners to eat, so you don’t have to worry about altering your diet to avoid damaging braces.
  • You also remove your aligners to clean them and brush your teeth. This eliminates the hassle of trying to brush and floss around brackets and wires.
  • You’ll receive your series of aligners along with instructions as to when they should be switched out. While you’ll need the occasional appointment so that Dr. Chalasani can check on your progress, you’ll spend less time in the dental chair than you would with traditional braces.
  • If you have a special event coming up, you can remove your aligners for a period of time. Just make sure to wear the aligners for the recommended amount of time each day to keep your treatment on track.

How Does Straightening Teeth Improve Dental Health?

On the surface, having crooked teeth may appear to be a cosmetic issue.

But when your teeth are crowded, widely spaced, or overlapping, good dental hygiene can become more challenging. You may have trouble removing plaque and bacteria with your toothbrush and dental floss, and this can lead to problems like:

Additionally, crooked teeth also affect the way your teeth come together. When your bite is off, other issues may develop, such as pain in the jaw and joints as well as grinding and clenching, which can lead to tooth erosion and fractures.

Using orthodontics to correct the alignment of your teeth can solve several of these issues.

Is Invisalign the Right Choice for Me?

Invisalign can solve a range of orthodontic issues, but in some cases, a different type of treatment may be needed. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Chalasani so that she can assess your teeth and determine whether Invisalign is a good option.

Call our Royal Oak, MI dental office today to schedule your appointment!