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Do over-the-counter teeth whitening products work?

Teeth whitening products purchased at your local drug store can be somewhat effective. But they will never match the results that can be achieved with a professional teeth whitening at our Royal Oak dental office.

The primary difference between professional and store-bought products is the strength of whitener used. Since we are trained in the teeth whitening process, we can prescribe a much higher concentration of peroxide than can be safely used at home.Teeth Whitening | Royal Oak Family Dentist

Another major advantage of professional teeth whitening is the fit of the whitening tray. When you purchase an over-the-counter kit, you will receive a generic plastic tray. Much like a mouth guard, you need to boil the tray, and then bite down on it so that it fits over your teeth.

A professional take-home whitening kit includes a tray that is completely customized to fit your teeth. We actually take impressions of your teeth to create a tray that closely conforms to the contours of your teeth. Since the whitening gel can reach all surfaces of your teeth, you will achieve even, consistent results on all teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that can truly transform your smile and make it sparkle. Next time you come in for a cleaning, we encourage you to talk to our hygienist about the benefits of teeth whitening.




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