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Will my root canal hurt?

We will make every possible effort to ensure that your root canal procedure is comfortable and you will feel no pain. We will use whatever numbing agent that your case requires so that your root canal is painless. We offer the latest dental technologies to make this procedure more efficient than ever before.Root Canal Pain | Royal Oak MI

The pain commonly associated with root canals may be wrongly attributed to the procedure itself. In fact, the infection that necessitates a root canal is the painful part. Our patients feel much better after the infection is taken care of through root canal therapy.

In many cases, a root canal may be the only way to save your natural tooth. The procedure works to restore health to the tooth and make it functional again.

The root canal procedure is actually a routine dental service that we provide with expertise and with a gentle touch.

You may experience some discomfort following the procedure, once the anesthesia wears off. We'll provide assistance to make you more comfortable during this time, but the discomfort and inflammation will quickly recede once your immune system realizes that the problem is no longer there.

Dr. Chalasani will then provide you with the care and instruction that you need for quick healing after the procedure.

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