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Your Dental Fears Are Real and We Respect That. Here's How We Help

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If you feel that familiar pit in your stomach at just the thought of going to the dentist, you are not alone. In fact, millions of Americans feel the same way you do. And while dentistry may have been harder to endure in the past, your Royal Oak, MI dentist wants you to know that things have really changed! Modern dentistry has made great technological advances that not only make most dental procedures more efficient but also more comfortable for our patients. 

Quieter Tools

Does the sound of the dental "drill" send chills up your spine? You'll be glad to know that today's dental tools are much quieter. For example, there are now ...

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Don't Let Stained Teeth Ruin Your Smile

Comparing Different Colored Teeth | Royal Oak Family Dentist

Even if lattes and gourmet coffee aren’t part of your morning routine, you might look in the mirror only to discover that your smile has gotten a little drab in recent years. Did you know that stained teeth are a natural part of aging? Even if you avoid habits like tobacco, red wine, and black tea, your teeth still absorb color from the foods you eat.

Some of the most common culprits are some of the healthiest foods around! Berries, leafy greens, and spices like curry all leave staining residue behind.

Fortunately, a white smile is within reach when you contact your dentist. Our Royal Oak, MI dental office offers two great ...

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Are You Considering Dentures? You Might Be Surprised....

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In the past, dentures have often been considered a bit of a last resort and an undesirable option for those who had lost a significant number of teeth. They may have a received a bad reputation due to complications with slippage when patients would talk or eat. Well, there's good news if you are considering dentures in Royal Oak today!

Modern Dentures

Today's dentures are crafted with your facial structure and skin tone in mind, which means that they fit and look better than ever before. The teeth are designed and shaded to match your natural teeth, while the gum portion also matches your own. Patients are finding modern dentures more comfortable ...

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What Causes Cavities? (Hint: It's Not What You Think!)

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Did you floss your teeth today? Many people don't take flossing as seriously as brushing; however, a new study found that much of the bacteria in our mouths that cause cavities is lurking in between our teeth. This means that it is critical to floss your teeth at least once per day to maintain your oral health.

It's also important to understand how tooth decay occurs so you can prevent it from happening in the first place. Your dentist in Royal Oak, MI explains.

Sugar Causes Cavities - Right?

While we all know that sugar is bad for our teeth, most of us don't understand the process that takes place in our ...

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Could Your Sweet Tooth Be Genetic?

Dentist Royal Oak

You can't get enough when it comes to candy, cake, or ice cream! It seems that your sweet tooth is out of control at times. But is this your fault? A new study out of Copenhagen is finding that it may not be. Your sweet tooth may actually be a result of genetics! Researchers will need to do some additional studies as the first round relied heavily on patients to self-report their sweets preference and results on their own. However, early results are leaning toward a link between genetics and sweet preferences.

While this may be good news, you still have to manage your sweet tooth in order to protect your ...

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"Fake Teeth" vs. Modern Dentures

Best Dentures | Royal Oak MI

Dentures have had a reputation in the past of feeling and looking more like "fake teeth." The idea of wearing fake teeth may not seem appealing, even if you are missing multiple teeth. However, today's modern dentures are designed and crafted much differently than in the past. There are also many more options for dentures that allow you to choose what best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Modern Dentures

Today's dentures are designed with your facial structure and skin tone in mind for a much more appealing aesthetic than in the past. With individually crafted teeth, these days, dentures provide the variations that you see with natural teeth so that no ...

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New Research: Bacteria and Yeast Work Together to Cause Cavities in Kids

Children's Dentistry | Royal Oak MI Dentist

Sugar is the number one enemy of your child's teeth! We know it fuels the bacteria that causes tooth decay, but now a new study is showing that it may also be fueling fungi in your child's mouth, which causes more severe decay when it works together with bacteria known as childhood caries. This disease affects around 23% of children in the United States. While fluoride is still effective in fighting bacteria, researchers are working on an agent that can disrupt the development of fungi.

Routine Dental Visits

 Dr. Chalasani welcomes patients of all ages to Family Dentistry of Royal Oak, and she loves to build relationships with children. Your child ...

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